A Mat Hack

Good Morning Readers!

Just a few thoughts on Yoga/Pilates mat usage plus one particular hack I thought I’d share with you…

There is an arsenal of Yoga mats one can choose from, some better than others but all perfectly serviceable. The word “better” here could be arguably defined as “more expensive” but anyways..



My mat was gifted to me by my Darling and is certainly “better” than others I have owned in the past. My Manduka mat is ¼ inches thick and the standard 24 inches wide by 68 inches long. It’s a great mat of course as all Manduka products, however the ¼ thickness does have some pros and cons.

  1. Pro-the thicker mat provides a greater cushion for poses such as side plank or modified side plank for the elbow or wrist, or poses such as teaser for the tailbone.
  2. It is also beneficial for those who have sensitive wrists/wrist issues, like myself. Ironically for teaser the thicker mat can also pose a balancing challenge due to the squishier and less stable surface. It’s always good not to roll off your mat.
  3. Con– the ⅛ mat however I have found more beneficial for series that emphasize a greater floor connection, such as standing, prone and supine positions.

Now lets presume that I went to target and spent $15-20 on a mat, which I did when I started practicing in college. NOTHING is more fun than, let’s say, attempting to gracefully swing your legs around to switch sides in your side lying leg series and find yourself and your yoga mat sliding across the floor. Not so graceful.

So I bought one of these. That’s right, a carpet runner pad. Except I did not spend $20 for it at Target, I went to one of my all time favorite shopping destinations; Ocean State Job Lot and I got one for $5! A total steal, and now the Infomercial is over.

And there you have it, a great Pilates mat that does not send you flying across your house or have any annoying bunching. I will add that the carpet pad does replace that extra ⅛ of an inch that we were avoiding for balancing purposes, but in the end this will just increase your core strength so…you’re welcome :).

There is so much on the topic of yoga mats. Cleaning your mat; have pets at home? And on a HUGE matter of personal interest to me; How do you store your yoga mat? (because sometimes i’m so tired I just don’t have it in me to roll the darn thing up and haul it back upstairs).

BUT this will do for now…


Have a lovely workout!

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