A morning jog and some Barre Fusion

Good morning all!

The sun woke up over the mountains this morning in the most beautiful way. The dogs were chasing squirrels and the coffee was hot and creamy. These things are all conducive  to a mid morning jog.

For those of you who run, you will be familiar with the sensation you get after, for me, about the first mile and a half. I believe it’s referred to as the ‘runner’s high,’ I don’t really feel high per say but I do feel invincible-like I could go on for ever.

Don’t you love feeling strong? It’s probably the best feeling ever.

Observe; Feeling strong in the kitchen (and a little maniacal).


As a recent member of PilatesAnytime, an online community of renowned Pilates instructors who post hundreds of educational videos, online classes and forums, I was feeling inspired to continue my workout for the day with a Barre Fusion workout from the Stott school of Pilates.

Instructor Courtney Miller from the Stott school of Pilates in Toronto completely kicked my hiney and I really thought my legs were going to fall off. 

I’m sure many of you have experienced similar feelings of omnipotence after a run, however I have mixed feelings about some of the advice floating around on the internet about whether or not to eat before a workout. I have heard so many conflicting pieces of advice about the benefits of eating vs. not eating before a cardio workout, especially in the morning (which I will elaborate on in the future). What will often happen to me however, regardless of the prior caloric intake, is that when I am doing a workout that (like today) exceeds my normal allotted workout time I find myself starving to the point of dizziness about ¾ of the way through.

There is much to say about fueling up before and after, I would love to hear some wisdom shed on the topic of a mid-workout snack.

So end my thoughts post Barre Fusion/run workout!


Ta ta..

“Courtney Miller Pilates Teacher.” Pilates Anytime. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 July 2017.

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