Switching and Forgetting

Good morning Readers!

Just a quick thought this morning…

I had a small realization the other day.

Workouts come in phases for me as I am a huge believer in switching up workouts. For example I have really been getting into Barre lately. For those who do not know Barre, think ballet plus pilates except standing up with a little ZUUUMMBBAA influence (one does not merely say Zumba…it’s ZUUUMMMBBAA).

As you may have noticed, pilates is kind of my focus. However I also run, make periodical trips to the gym for the elliptical and shiny(ish) weight machines, and have been known to take the occasional crossfit class. During the summer I try to run outside 3-5 times per week. Here in New England we only get four months out of the year where this is possible so it feels like a sin not to utilize the warm weather when it happens.

Lately my workout routine has consisted of lots of Barre classes, Pilates mat workouts and running. These workouts are full body burners, however particularly with Barre and running there is a lot of emphasis on legs.

Everyone has a different body part that they favor when it comes to strength training. For some it’s arms, often it’s legs, etc. I definitely will chose a leg workout over arms any day because a majority of my strength is concentrated in my legs. My arms have much less strength so it takes much more effort and focus for me when I workout my arms.

So here I am running, doing my standing Barre classes in my kitchen using our filthy, paint-stained stepstool as my bar…

My legs are burning,IMG_5444  I’m sweaty from my cardio, all is good.

So why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?


Oh! I forgot to workout my abs!

With so much focus on new workout routines, my poor abs have been forgotten along the way. 

Switching up workout routines is important for muscle growth and development. However it is also important to keep it balanced and work out ALL the muscle groups, just like it is important to sleep enough and eat a balanced diet. Over all strength does not increase if certain muscle groups are omitted, so it’s super important to ensure that no body part is left behind.

And so wrap up my musings for this morning.

Just remember, don’t skip leg day or you’ll end up like Johnny Bravo;


Just kidding. But still don’t skip it.


❤ Cammy

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