Tiny Things and a Little Flow

Current mood: Becoming one with the couch and a cup of tea.

My tirade a couple of days ago about the onset of colder weather has changed from fear and despair to a grim determination. Due to the rain and a terrible sneezy cold I have, my cup is neither half full or empty, but simply has liquid in it. Currently that liquid is tea.

On any normal day it takes a great deal for me to feel productive. Simply completing my to-do list on a day off is not enough and I need to really go above and beyond physically, mentally, emotionally…However I was feeling really accomplished from the simple act of moving my coughing aching chassis from bed to couch. Propelled by this tiny achievement I managed to summon my laptop and typed up a beginner Mat 1 Pilates flow.


pilates flow

Guys, I even made it purple.

This workout was for teaching purposes so I took out a lot of the in-text notes I made for myself, mostly reminding myself of variations I want to try, cues, arm positions, etc… but it’s a great, simple, Pilates-basic workout and should take about 45 minutes.

After celebrating my grand departure from bed and arrival to couch, I really feel like I went above and beyond. Piecing together my notes from the past few days and typing out my routine for an upcoming class was more than I had hoped to achieve. It just goes to show you that sometimes even accomplishing the tiniest goals can make all the difference.

So tell me…

Do you ever feel amazing after accomplishing the tiniest little thing?


Ta ta,


❤ Cammy

4 thoughts on “Tiny Things and a Little Flow

  1. There HAS to be a goal/reward system. For example, yes you need to clean off your desk for 15 minutes, and then –
    and only then – you get to watch Game of Thrones theory Youtubes for 15 minutes. That’s just how it has to be! Same goes for body/mind, though it makes more sense to reward healthy behavior with healthy behavior. Therefore the “core strengthening for 10 minutes = 3 mismatched sandwich cookies” is just not how it’s going to be 🙂


    1. what a wonderful insight! you are so right, although sometimes (not to sound high and mighty) the reward is simply the feeling of satisfaction that comes from the accomplishment. thanks for the comment 🙂


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