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Good Morning readers!

I am getting the sense that the common cold that I have been fighting for the past few weeks is actually just that; common. Therefore my desire to abandon all hope, sit morosely on the couch and binge watch Disney princess knockoff movies (Ever After, anyone?) is a little dramatic. Half way through the third week of feeling less-than, and my streak of not getting sick for two years definitely broken, my feeling of invincibility is fading. My pride is also a little hurt, I do not get sick! Yet here I am, couchin’ it up. Livin’ the couch life. That was also a little dramatic. I have not by any means been bed-ridden, just moving a little slower, coughing, generally just sick. I am also being a baby.

To my point…

The winding down of the summer season brings with it a frenzy of productivity. School is in session, and for some reason even those of us not directly affected by the school term feel like play time is over. My goals are ever-present in my mind and often I catch myself  feeling anxious if I’m not doing something every second to progress my long-term goals. Whether it be creating short-term goals for myself on a daily basis, doing Pilates like a crazy person, or just feeling guilty if I’m not picking up extra shifts at the restaurant.

I recognize the necessity to take a break and be easy on myself, but I just love the feeling of being productive and seeing my hard work come together in front of me. So what to do if you want to be productive and still have satisfaction in your life? What if you DO love your job but there are still other things that you are truly passionate about?

I always felt such extreme pressure to ‘choose a career’ all through my schooling years, I’m talking elementary school through college. How was I supposed to pick one single thing that I would love doing for a really long time that I really excelled at and would give me both a feeling of satisfaction and hopefully success? There was no way! I like doing so many different things! I went to school for art, criminal justice, visual arts, computer graphics and design, marketing and public relations, and finally said NEVERMIND I’ll just become a certified Pilates instructor because I love that the most, now, in this moment. But I still have a passion for so many other things.

But why limit yourself to one thing? Who says you can only have one career, one job, one area of expertise. I want to do everything.

Turning my passions and hobbies into careers is not far-fetched. I can write and maybe one day make a career out of it. I will create works of art (I love chalk art, check out my INSTA) and I will teach Pilates. Everything. Now, when I am inspired, I can be still be productive and learn about something I have true a passion for. There is no such thing as an unproductive day when you are truly passionate about everything you do.  


What do you think? Do you have passions you never paid attention to? Do you regret not doing more with something you just know you would be great at?


❤ Cammy

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