Adventure to the Dominican Republic

My excuse for the recent hiatus from my blogging endeavor? Ugh, don’t be so hasty! It was just one Dominican minute!

As a little birthday treat, we went on a surprise trip to the DR for a week. Having never been outside of the country since the age of six, I must say it was quite an experience. Having never been to a tropical island, let’s just say I get why it’s a thing.


We hung out with parrots, swam with dolphins, and ate lots of Dominican food


Now on to the meat and potatoes of the post…

I think most people have a certain ‘whatever’ attitude when it comes to diet and exercise while traveling. There is an accepted amount of indulgence when you go on vacation, that is for sure. I have definitely held this mentality more so in the past. Forgoing exercise was huge when I went on vacation as well as enjoying all the tantalizing foods thad were to be tried, drinks to be had, etcetera.

For some people I’m sure this works just fine. However, I have learned that if I really just give in and lay on a beach for a week drinking margaritas and eating fried plantains, it actually kind of ruins the vacation for me. Why? Because I just feel like crap.

I’m kind of an active person (go figure) and I also pay attention to maintaining a healthy diet. When I ignore all of this my system just literally collapses in on itself. So we made use of the gym, I did some pilates, there was some running on the beach (I did not partake in this…) and we just walked everywhere. That being said, eating at a restaurant three times a day for six days is an indulgence in itself and my stomach can’t really handle that much restaurant food.

There was also a never ending shower of champagne wherever we went, so that has me a little tired also.

So did I completely give in to my inner desire to be a lazy beach bum? No, I would have felt absolutely terrible by the second day. Was I boring and didn’t allow myself to enjoy vacation? No! Will it take me a few days to recover….definitely :).


Coming home is always nice, although I will miss this view.

IMG_6279 4


How to you deal with your health on vacation? Do you hit the gym and pass on desert a couple of times? Or are your vacations an indulge-fest?

❤ Cammy

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