The First Freeze

Good morning!

Our first deep freeze here in New England and I’m diving headfirst into my seasonal commitment of feeling sorry for myself. It’s cold. I emerged unhappily this morning slightly after my usual time, taking a few moments longer in the warmth while mentally  entering first denial, quickly followed by anger, and finally bleak acceptance. Downstairs, I stared in desperate melancholy at the frost lined windows, draped in every fluffy garment I could locate on the bedroom floor.

Yes, melancholy. 

Fortunately I am a strong, motivated individual who will not be deterred from my morning routine by something as trivial as the cold! …After I spend 20 minutes getting over myself.

After this 20-minute interlude of chugging coffee and flopping on the couch, listening to the TV inform me that it’s cold outside, I remember that humans actually cannot hibernate.  As much as I would like to spend the next 6 months in my bathrobe in front of the fire place within arms reach of the fridge, this is not super practical. So it’s back upstairs I will be dragging myself,  trading in my bathrobe for a fluffy hat and the couch for my pilates mat.


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