Morning ‘Top 10’ List

Good Morning, readers!


Happy Friday!

Really quick, if you don’t understand my featured image, you need to go watch High Fidelity. Now. Before you read this. If you don’t, a star cast featuring a troubled John Cusack and the always humorous, semi-insensitive Jack Black, spend their days in a record store asking one another what their top 5 whatever’s are (example: top 5 songs about death), all completely based around John’s top 5 breakups. 

The weather has been playing tricks on us here in New England. It’s late October, the leaves have seriously started falling, the college students have busted out their yoga pants and football hoodies, but it is still like 75 degrees outside. I spy people with light jackets, boots, scarves, not the shorts that would be appropriate for the warm sunny afternoons we have been having. Even though it’s warm for the season, us New Englanders know it’s just a fluke. We know what’s coming. And yeah, it still goes down to 45 at night so there’s that..


Fall is amazing, just like spring, and they both seem to last for about 37 seconds. This year our weather is something like; it’s warm, it’s warm, it’s warm, snow. So much for hoodie/scarf/boot season. But that’s fine, I loathe being cold. So this weather we’re having is actually totally awesome because I can rock my leg warmers when I’m doing my Pilates and Barre workouts and I’m still warm. 

I do kind of remember a lot of years in the past being like this. You know, the stage where you aren’t ready to unpack the winter clothes so the bin is just half-open in the closet so you can pull an item from it every few days.

So anyways, on to the meat and potatoes…

I love lists, who doesn’t. There is something so satisfying about making a to-do list and then crossing off each item. Of course I have days where I feel lazy and unproductive no matter how many items I cross off but those are few and far between. It’s always good to have a list to remind yourself of your accomplishments :). This post will not include that kind of list, however. This is just a random list…about me!

I’m not so delusional to think that everyone reading this is doing so because they are really interested in details about me, but perhaps you will be inspired to make your own list and think about what types of things YOU really like! what a great way to get to know yourself a little better :).

  1. My favorite breakfast: Banana Oatmeal with a ton of cinnamon.

I’m not kidding. I would pass up [gluten-free] Eggs Benedict any day for a hot bowl of oatmeal with a juicy banana sliced in. It totally fills the cracks of my soul.

2. Healthy food I crave the most: Microwaved Sweet Potato.

Again, not kidding. I don’t like baking them  because they get too mushy. I’m a simple person, guys.

3. Favorite unhealthy craving: Nachos. With chicken and extra jalapeños.

Nuf’ said.

4. Favorite article of clothing: Socks

Aha a bullet point that’s not about food! I actually ask for socks for Christmas. If you’re in my family you usually get at least one pair from me every year. They’re actually awesome gifts, so comfy and just awesome. I also hate my feet so I like hiding them. Socks are one of those items that are annoyingly expensive. Like $3 more than just a casual ‘whatever’ purchase, for a nice pair at least. So yeah. Socks.

    5. Favorite Cooking show: Giada at Home

Back to food, I didn’t last long. Whatever, it’s a cultural obsession! I’m just a product of my environment…I love this show. I’m watching it right now. It’s not pretentious (in my opinion) she is awesome and real, and totally stunning. Her recipes are not overwhelming and you don’t need a spice imported from Spain.

    6. Favorite Leg Exercise: Squats.

To elaborate, Squats in turned out 2nd position. They feel amazing and are such a great warm-up exercise. Standing exercises are the best warm-ups in my opinion because you can trick yourself into working out. I.e. I’m just casually standing around, Whoops! there’s a squat, and another one…ok I’m ready to work out now 🙂

    7. Favorite ab exercise: Roll up.

A Pilates favorite of mine; start laying on your back, legs long, slowly reach your arms up and allow your head, neck and shoulders to follow, peeling your vertebra up like a band-aid and stretch over your toes. It feels AH-mazing.

    8. Favorite arm exercise: …..

I couldn’t just exclude this one because of my mild OCD, but I wanted to. I need to work on my arm strength. Everything hurts. But improving!

    9. Favorite Season: All of them except Winter.

I just do not like being cold. In this order, Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter. Spring redeems itself because summer comes after, but it’s just kind of chilly and soggy. Fall is beautiful because I am a Holiday nut. I’ve already started Christmas shopping. Summer really has to take the cake, though.

   10. Favorite thing to cook: Anything that goes in the oven.

A few reasons for this. I’m way better at baking. I can sauté, and boil things, simmer, reduce…use the crock pot…but there’s something so comforting about mixing something up and sticking it in the oven. I feel productive just by having it in there and then the house smells amazing, which is further proof of my productivity. HAH.


Ok, 10 seems like a good place to stop. Maybe next time I’ll do one on my top 10 pet peeves, might be difficult because I develop a new one every day.

What is your ‘top 10’ list?

❤ Cammy


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