Seasonal To-Do List #1! And a little Barre..

Well hello there, readers!

It’s getting mighty festive out there, guys. Like Christmas tree festive. We seem to have skipped a few holidays this year. Not me though! Coming to terms with the imminent cold that approacheth ominously, I have decided to make the best of it this year. What does that mean? Well I have a modestly-huge list of seasonal activities keep me distracted from the barren trees and howling winds this year.

#1: Paint a Pumpkin!

painted pumpkins

I don’t think I have ever gone a year without carving a pumpkin, but this year I really did not have it in me for an involved cleaning-of-the-pumpkin-guts project. I do usually roast all the seeds, which are tasty…sacrifices.

Second on the agenda, get into my Barre training!


No, not that kind…I’ve definitely mastered that kind of bar.

As I work diligently become a Certified Pilates Instructor, I am hoping to test out for Barre simultaneously.

Barre is AWESOME. It’s a little more of a sweat-fest than basic mat Pilates, but it incorporates many of the same movement principles that one would encounter in a mat class. Think mat pilates, standing, with a beat.

Another great aspect of barre is that you don’t really need a barre to do it. Most YouTube channels featuring barre instructors use a chair. I don’t even use a chair, I literally just use the foot board of our bed. Anything approximately waist height that can support a moderate amount of weight does the trick just fine!

More on the Barre-thang to come!

But first, tell me…do you Barre or do you bar? Perhaps you Barre at the Bar? Interesting. 

❤ Cammy

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