Self-Control, Discipline, and Gavin

Happy Holidays Bloggers!

A few days after the Grande Finale of the biggest build up of the year, I’m not sad and I’m not feeling depressed. It was a lovely holiday, it truly was. The anticipation lasted over a month and as usual I was over the holiday prior to its arrival. So all the lights are coming down, the Santa’s are being boxed away and the ornaments carefully wrapped. I’m not a post-holiday Scrooge, honestly. I’m just anxious that if I don’t just start doing it (the un-decorating), it won’t happen and the lights will stay up until next year.


I also got a new puppy. 




His name is Gavin, and he is perfect. I’m completely in love.


Anyways, the holidays are always a really good time to slack off, eat a lot of rich foods, drink wine every day, skip the gym, etc. That’s the general theme, right? How horrible does that sound (perhaps excluding the wine)? I cannot think of anything that would make me feel worse.

What is comes down to; The unfortunate obsession with food combined a constant struggle to be slim. So we do all of this indulging and sitting on the couch, just so we have something to fix in the new year, which we again ruin at the end of the following year just in time to do it all again. It’s like a lifestyle binge. Phew, I’m totally ranting.

I guess my point is, I get where it comes from. I too abstain from certain indulgences and am semi-meticulous about my fitness. I make my bed every morning and I always wash the dishes and wipe down the kitchen counters before bed. I brush my teeth twice a day. I don’t party every weekend. These things are also known as Self-Control and Discipline. They aren’t necessarily ‘fun’ like sitting at a bar or eating a piece of cake, but they make me feel amazing before, during and after (so, maybe they are fun? I’m confused).

I have still not gotten to my point. Oh yeah. We work so hard to maintain certain degrees of discipline and self-control within our lives yet view them as terrible hardships, so we create excuses to ignore them. However, when they are ignored the feeling is far worse.

So eat your cake and drink your wine. But not the whole bottle or cake just because it’s the holidays and it’s ‘allowed.’ Because yeah, I totally think the holidays are an excuse for some level of indulgence. I just don’t think we should ignore the bigger picture and sacrifice things that actually make us feel good about ourselves.

Until next time


<3 Cammy


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