The Never-ending Story of lower back pain.

Good morning readers!

I want to begin the story of my lower back pain.

In the past I have detailed over my experience with injury, particularly that involving lower back pain. So many of us suffer from this condition, and in my experience really one of the most frustrating and painful experiences.

My problems started this past summer when I took up running again. I have never really been a ‘runner’ per say, but I have had moments where I run avidly four or five days a week for a few months. Not anymore. It was after one of these spells that I experienced lower back pain for the first time, and let me tell you it was excruciating. Whether it was the running itself, my shoes, the hard pavement, the hike back up the 800 ft. driveway on a steep incline after each run, I don’t know. What I know is that something triggered my lower back to scream every time I tried to perform the simplest of daily routines.

I went to acupuncture, literally one time and it went away about 95%. That was the first time.

So I got cocky and started doing cardio again at the gym. Walking on a mild incline, spurts of jogging, but mostly just elliptical trainers. This lasted for about a month until the pain returned with a vengeance. Four trips to acupuncture later with mild improvements, no cardio whatsoever, and a deep sense of dread when faced with things such as picking up the laundry basket or tying my shoelaces.

Seriously my least favorite activities because of my lower back pain are 1) putting on and taking off pants, 2) getting in and out of the car and bed, 3) laundry, and picking things up off the floor. 

I am of shape and the house is a bloody mess. What am I to do? Give my back the month-long rest it probably needs and do none of the activities that make me feel like a productive and worthwhile human being? Lie on the couch with a heating pad watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ for hours?

Not all is lost. I have found ways to cope with the pain.


but more on that later.

<3 Cammy








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  1. Hey Cammy, so sorry about the lower back pain. That’s never fun (understatement.) I’ve suffered from low back pain before, and even went to physical therapy for it way back in high school, and doing the prescribed PT exercises made a huge difference. You could probaby find some free resources on youtube or online by typing in “physical therapy exercises for low back pain.” Hope you find some relief!

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