Morning Musings

Good afternoon blogging community…

This is apparently my 50th blog post!

Following up on my apparently concerning and potentially dramatic prior post about back pain…I have taken it upon myself to dive full force back into my Pilates practice.

But Cammy, you do Pilates every day, what do you mean? Ah, well I’ve actually been doing a lot of barre practice lately. I discovered a LOVELY new Barre studio just down the road, and I’ve really been trying to perfect my own technique. I plan to test out for Pilates mat and Barre at the same time, so I have been making barre my focus.


Counterintuitive to me, the standing work was actually far, far worse for my back than mat Pilates. This was blatantly obvious to the few people I relayed the epiphany to; I never said I was a genius.

Bringing it all the way back to beginner mat Pilates and I am feeling an inner sense of overall healing and wellness. The pain is not gone but I really can’t describe well enough the inner sense of strengthening that basic mat work has brought me in the past few days. Now I remember why I was drawn to the pilates methodology so many years ago.

That being said, having had a brief hiatus from the mat work combined with a new puppy, whilst laying on my mat, suspicious whiffs of not-so-freshness kept wafting past (whilst, whiffs, wafts…what?) my nose. Since I’m talking about the beginnings of my Pilates journey with beginner mat workouts, why not tie in one of my FIRST blog posts about how I clean my mat?

There are so many benefits from working the inner core, and after years I have discovered yet another. the basics of working out while dealing with an injury stand, however.

  1. If it hurts, don’t do it.
  2. Go lighter, or omit weights.
  3. Limit range of motion.
  4. Do not over stretch, and do not stretch unless warmed up.

Until next time!


❤ Cammy



One thought on “Morning Musings

  1. It’s always great to go back to basics! So glad you are taking care of your self which is the foundation of taking care of others! Including the puppy


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