Conquering Self Doubt and Learning to be Vulnerable

Good Afternoon readers!


I recently posted about things I like doing. This sounds vague I know, the post was a little more in-depth than simply, “Hey guys! Here’s a list of stuff I like!”

Moving on.

One example I gave in this post was about how I have developed a fondness of listening to podcasts and how I don’t really like watching TV.

The podcast example made me feel a little corny and hipster-esque. Why?

This brings about a new aspect in my new ‘Pila-sophy’ section! Why should I feel lame about stating that I like a particular activity over another? Well, simply because certain pastimes come equipped with external societal labels and connotations.

For some reason we also love labeling ourselves. I label myself all the time. This is not because I necessarily believe in the validity of them, but because I fear that others may apply these labels to me with a negative connotation. I could insert a motivational, strong-minded quote here about how one should not care about the opinions/labels of others, but I don’t particularly agree with that mindset (what’s the one about lions and the opinion of sheep? yeah).

Girl in Tree

Self doubt, uncertainty and fear are once again an innate part of humanity. Instead of suppressing these feelings with a masquerade of apathy, we could accept them. Allow, to a degree, yourself to experience them.

Easier said than done as I would assume that most of us find it hard, if not impossible, to first allow for ultimate emotional vulnerability when it comes to external judgements, much less allow this vulnerability to be visible to the outside world. 

Which brings me to my main point; Vulnerability is the ultimate strength when it comes to allowing yourself to be genuine. 

Ok so being outwardly vulnerable does not mean making yourself some kind of Buddha- martyr in the war of unkind human-v-human passing of judgements. Stand up for yourself of course, but don’t allow yourself to become so jaded by judgement that you cease being true to yourself for fear of experiencing self-doubt.

I’ve shared her blog before, but Cassey Ho, probably my biggest online fitness inspiration, blogs about the importance of the self and the difficulties of overcoming societal labeling, stigmas, being judges, etc…Check her out.


❤ Cammy

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