My Favorite Couch-Detox Strengthening Stretches

Have you ever, say, spent most of your waking hours lying on the couch watching countless episodes of a show you don’t even remember the name of? Perhaps you mustered enough motivation to make intermittent trips to the fridge and bathroom. Maybe you even took a shower!

I have these days; we all have these days. Sometimes there’s a good excuse like a surprise 16″ of snow, or some other natural phenomenon. However no matter the excuse I know I always reach a point around 5 or 6pm where I feel completely cabin-fevered, useless, and achy. This is when I reach for the Pilates mat. But don’t get me wrong, I’m still feeling a bit…well, lazy.

When I’ve spent a considerable amount of time sitting on my butt, I tend to have no energy. So whats the easiest thing to do when you have no energy? Lying on your back! From here we can push up into my first stretch Shoulder Bridge with Hamstring Stretch. Stay here if you just want to stretch out the hammys and low back, or take a walk with your extended leg, bringing it down to knee-level and back up a few times, and switch.

shoulder bridge


The hardest part of stretching = switching positions. At least you’re only flipping onto your stomach for Swan.




Plank, Side Plank, Side Bent Twist. Because why not add some rotational mobility into your life.


Cat/Cow Classic.

From here, extend the knee through between the arms to open up your hip flexors. Add the hamstring stretch for an extra challenge. Dog, who thinks he is a cat, emerges from curtain.



Bring it up to a low lunge for a balance challenge…

low lunge hamstring stretch



…Where were we?


Oh yes! Favorite couch-detox strengthening stretch routine!

Shoulder Bridge with Hamstring Stretch


Plank/Side Plank/Side Bend Twist combo


Pigeon stretch with hamstring

Low Lunge with hamstring



Pilates Corgi


❤ Cammy

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