Easy exercises for abdominal strengthening [VIDEO]

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The other day we discussed the importance of using the core during every day exercises. Today we’re going to talk about three easy exercises to create killer abs. Be warned, you may walk away from this a changed man/woman/child/(corgi?). Right into it.

The Pilates mini stability ball

In this mini-routine we are going to use one prop, one prop to rule them all anddefinitely destroy each and every one of them. Ahem. The Pilates mini stability ball is the most innocent and unassuming prop I have [ever] come across. It turns any simple abdominal workout into a series of sweating, cursing, and shaking.

There are larger balls, and smaller ones. The larger balls provide more support and thusly the workout is less challenging, the small ball provides less support. Because I like to torture myself, I use a smaller stability ball and deflate it about half way.

By deflating the ball our support is less stable causing our stabilizing muscles to work over time. Additionally, deflating the ball means the part of the body on the ball is closer to the floor, incorporating gravity and a greater effort on the lower/upper abdominal. You’ll see what I mean in a moment, but it’s similar to how holding your legs an inch off the floor in a supine (flat on yo’ back) position is harder than holding them up, say, a couple of feet.


Abdominal Workout

Corgi PuppyCorgi puppy2

Gavin and I will walk you through a quick, three exercise routine that will have you shaking, possibly crying, and definitely questioning the decisions you made in the last 9 minutes of your life.

All you need for this exercise is a yoga mat, a mini Pilates stability ball (slightly deflated) and 3 of your favorite songs. Don’t be a goon, pick songs that are around 3 minutes long. One exercise per song.

The Workout

  1. Grab mat and stability ball
  2. Watch the video to learn the exercises
  3. Pick three, three-minute songs.
  4. Do one exercise per track









So tell me, did you absolutely die? Have you found a new respect for this tiny, insignificant looking little ball?


<3 Cammy



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