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In March, we returned from a wondrous adventure to Costa Rica. I was sad to leave, but excited to come home, but I was pumped to blog about our trip and continue my fitness journey with new vigor. Ready to resume my routine and start planning our next adventure.

Apparently we already had another adventure in store… 🙂

We are expecting! Our little boy will arrive in November, and my goodness all the things ‘they’ want you to think about and plan for. Another day, another detail.


No offense to the writers of these books, but every pregnancy book I have found completely absurd. There are interesting facts about the development of the baby, but I have encountered too many subjective views about what it is to be pregnant, the birthing process, and what being a ‘mother’ is, stating that all women are different as some kind of disclaimer for someone who dared to have a differing opinion.

Needless to say I have formed some extremely strong opinions about the whole matter, most of which you will be relived to know I will not be sharing. With anyone. Unfortunately, I cannot promise there won’t be frustrated rants about the lack of wine and clothes that fit.

We have had an interesting start. I’m not abashed to say we were not anticipating this. Did I want it? Well, I’m 26, it’s called a biological time clock. It was still a shock.

Then I experienced a monumentally traumatizing injury that incapacitated me for a month and a half, followed by back surgery.

Now, five months pregnant and the lil’ fellow is getting ‘kick-y,’ it’s all starting to sink in and I’m REALLY EXCITED.

I can’t wait to meet this little dude, find out what kind of mother I will be, and how many wonderful ways our lives are going to change. I’m not sure what I’m in store for, but I am happy and just QUIVERING with anticipation!

With much more to come…wish us luck!


<3 Cammy



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