Independence Day: Repurposed Tacos

Hi Readers!

A few days late, but that’s ok. My energy levels are at an all-time low; every time I do more than running a couple of errands in a day I need a day or two of recuperation.

Happy 4th!


So what did I do that exhausted me so much? Clearly our day was pretty low-key. Well, made massive amounts of food, of course. At the end of our grilling extravaganza it looked like we had barely touched anything (there was actually a salad that no one had room for, and we didn’t even take it out).

The ‘Pudding’



So I was super excited, of course, about eating leftover sausage, potato salad, pudding, coleslaw…

Come to find that I had eaten so much of it during the meal that the thought of any of these dishes was absolutely horrifying. Also the idea of leftovers is skeeving me out…Why? No idea. I love leftovers, or so I thought.

Side note, I’m entering a stage of pregnancy where I am always STARVING yet consistently repulsed by the texture, taste, and thought of most food groups. Finding something I can eat and somewhat enjoy is a serious win. More to come on this..

Introducing the repurposed 4th of July tacos!

  1. Hamburger patty (turned ground beef)
  2. Sautéed with peppers and onions (from the sausage)
  3. lettuce (from the burgers)
  4. Left over homemade pico de galo



Going on three meals, going strong, but I predict that I will not eat tacos again for the next 5 months.

Until next time!


<3 Cammy


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