Fitness Routine Derailed, And Not By Choice

Good morning readers!

I have been out of my fitness routine for a long time now (going on 4 months). Back surgery, exhaustion from pregnancy, etc. have kept me from my normal routine, and I miss it! 

Ever since we got back from Costa Rica, it has been one thing after another. Because of the surgery I have not been given the “OK” to do much more than walk, and have been advised against lifting anything over 5 pounds. It’s actually hard to function on a daily basis with these limitations, much less follow any kind of fitness regimen. The novelty of being pregnant, as well as the pain and stiffness from surgery is wearing off now and I am becoming more aware of the large gaps in my schedule where I would be meal-prepping, going to the gym, working out in the living room, or going for jogs. Not to mention work! I’m not working right now (it’s hard to bartend when you can’t lift more than 5 lbs..), so I also have an extra 40+ hours to sit around and contemplate my new, extremely sedentary lifestyle.


Trying to stay healthy

Food..I can’t even describe my food problems right now. A long time ago I would spend the day cooking and have leftovers for the rest of the week (I freaking love meal prepping). Now the thought of eating something that I cooked yesterday is repulsive. Not to mention my taste buds seem to change hourly. A lot of the foods I have always loved (sweet potatoes!!) make me queasy just thinking about. For example, I’m a little queasy after writing that last sentence. Meal prepping is out of the question, as is having a normal ‘healthy’ diet. I know this sounds terrible, especially because it is beneficial for pregnant women to have a healthy diet (I’m still healthy!), but I’m just focused on finding foods that don’t make me sick. What else can ya’ do, really?


Still an ‘active chick,’ only way less active

These are all just huge changes for me. Diet and exercise have been a HUGE part of my identity for so long! It’s what I love and what makes me feel good. I was afraid I would be losing my ‘self’ because I couldn’t focus on either of them, but I’m learning that this is just not true. I’m still a healthy, active person. It is still part of who I am, simply because it is what I love.

While I have always loved working out, I have also been grateful for a break now and then, grateful enough to write about potential Fitness Derailment: What happens when you stop working out?  I literally want nothing more than to have my routine back. I miss my active self! I remember struggling through workout sessions, but I can’t imagine anything better right now.

I’ve been fearful that if I stop working out for a period of time I’ll lose the motivation to stay fit and active. Over the past few months that fear has gone away. Since I don’t even have the option to workout right now, I don’t have that ‘I’m feeling lazy and unmotivated’ feeling. I’m not afraid at all that I wont get back into my fitness routine, because I miss it so much! It is such a relief to learn that, even though it can be hard sometimes, the reason I started my fitness journey was because I truly love it and not because it was something I made myself do.

Everyone experiences hick-ups in their lifestyle at some point, and I will patiently wait for this phase to end, be as productive as possible in the ways I can, and enjoy all the things a more sedentary person enjoys as much as possible.

Craving an activity I was afraid was just a piece of my past is a really liberating experience. I feel more motivated than ever, and I can’t wait to start again.


Until next time,


❤ Cammy




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