Martha’s Vineyard

Good Morning readers!

While taking a spontaneous trip to Martha’s Vineyard for a few days, I was really missing my old self more than ever. Our vacations usually go like this: Wake up, run/workout, eat, walk around, shop, eat, take a nap, hang out with a cocktail [by the pool/beach], walk around, eat, more cocktails, sleep, repeat. UGH doesn’t that sound HEAVENLY!? Well, maybe it’s not for everyone but in the Vineyard this is what you do unless you schedule one of those expensive, uncomfortable, and crowded  boat tours…

I’m a little limited in how much I can participate in these activities…mostly the working out/walking a lot/cocktailing. Instead it went something like this: Wake up, eat, walk around, sit. Shop, drive around, sit. Eat, take a nap. Go to the beach and sit. Eat, walk around, sit, eat dessert, sleep, repeat.

I sit and eat now. That is all. But I wont let myself feel down about it. I’m not setting higher expectations for myself, and I wont risk any more injury during this time.

I contented myself to sit on the beach and watch everyone else frolic, and I appreciated that I could at least be in such a beautiful place and enjoy life.


I know life will resume, and I am happy to practice patience for the time being.


Cappuccino love


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Until next time!

<3 Cammy


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  1. Cammy, you are beautiful in that mid-trimester glow! So happy you got to the beach and enjoyed, in that slowed down way!!

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