Good Morning Readers,

My third-trimester snuck up on me at some point in the last couple of weeks, and now everything is happening at once. It has been more than a month since my last post. Right around the time I was starting to think, “Hey, this really isn’t that bad!” By ‘this,’ of course,  I am referring to the kicking, hiccuping, body hijacking tiny human who punches my ribs and makes my hips ache all night long, who also seems to be growing about .5lbs a day.

It’s amazing how everything they say is going to happen in the third trimester, happens. To be fair, there is a lot of data to derive all the estimates from [hehe]. Your baby will hiccup, they say, and he does! You will start getting more fatigued –  I can complete about two hours of productivity at a time before fatigue and aches force me to stop. I feel lazy and constantly exhausted. Your baby will quadruple in size…we won’t get into the struggles of the closet… Trying on dress after shirt, forget the pants, that fit me just days ago, only to find my shirts are now basically girdles and dresses have risen to an immodest level of shortness. My maternity clothes are tight. What? 

But it’s all fine, it’s supposed to happen this way. I’m too excited about the result to care about the process.

On the days in which I manage a small amount of human interaction, I find myself flipping between two basic mindsets. The first goes something like, “Really? You want me to DO something? You expect things of me? You realize I can’t breathe for 5 minutes after walking up a single flight of stairs, right?” The other is, “Oh, it’s really nice that you don’t think I can perform the simplest of motor functions! However, unless you’re offering to come home with me, I will be carrying the laundry upstairs and bringing the groceries in the house.” 

In general, people have been very sweet, have only said “congratulations” and “what are you having?” So far I have not been scowled at in line at Starbucks or received any unsolicited remarks *knocks on wood*.

I had gotten used to the mindset that this journey was a very, very long one – the end really nowhere in sight. But all of a sudden the end is in sight and I get to start thinking about what comes next.

❤ Cammy

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