New Beginnings

Ever find it impossibly hard to return to something you have abandoned for some time? Yes. A world of yes.

For me? A normal eating routine. A fitness regimen. A writing schedule. Personal relaxation and self-care.

These things are often lost in the first few months of parenthood (or so I’ve heard), especially as I adjust to my new role as mommy. However, as I am slowly adjusting to my new life and am able to find time for ME, I find myself lacking the motivation to do any of it. With the exception of my fitness routine, I have barely been able to open my laptop, much less pull up my blogging platform and write something.

Meal time for me results in endless confusion. My mornings tend to go something like this: Do I eat breakfast now or should I try to workout first? I’m hungry again and it’s only been 45 minutes…do I eat again? Push through for another hour or two? And what do I eat?

Writing has been a huge challenge as well. The longer I am away, the harder it is to get back into it. Although, I think this is true with most things.

A routine that took years to hone and adapt to is so foreign to me after just a few short months.

Things that once took small amount of self-coaxing each day to accomplish (writing, blogging, etc.) now seem impossible to even consider.

I consider myself extremely lucky that fitness does not fall into this category! I have missed fitness so much, finally I am injury free *knocks on wood* and able to start building up my strength again. I never had to coax myself into a workout, it just makes me feel so good sometimes I have to remind myself to take a break.

I am completely able to understand how so many find it hard to rebuild a fitness habit after even a brief hiatus (i.e. pregnancy, injury, general life). The habit gets lost so quickly, and starting again is extremely intimidating.

“Why bother? I’m probably no good and never was anyways.” This is a thought I have about other aspects of my routine, now that I am trying to find motivation to begin again.

Self-doubt can be overwhelming when you are face-to-face with starting afresh.

So how do we overcome?

What are some ways you have found the strength to begin again?

My solutions

Don’t overthink it!

Getting started is the hardest part, so don’t get in your own head and stress yourself out. Want to start working out again? Don’t even change your clothes, just start doing squats wherever you are. My prediction; after 10 squats you’ll be so motivated to work out, you’ll change, turn on your playlist and go crazy. If I’m wrong, 10 squats is still better than no squats, so it’s a win win.

Keep. It. Short.

We get nervous when we’re about to embark on something seriously time-consuming. It’s way bigger of a commitment, and big commitments are hard. Telling myself I’m going to write a 10-page, perfectly edited, intelligent, sourced, successful blog post is just a disaster waiting to happen. Not only will I get stressed out about the time and effort it will take, I begin doubting my ability to accomplish it at all! Telling myself I’m going to write a few short sentences about my breakfast, much easier. More often than not it will turn into much more! (This post is proof, by the way).

Ten squats too much? Screw it, Three. One! If telling yourself, “I’m going to get off the couch and do one squat,” actually gets you off the couch, you deserve a pat.

Don’t compare yourself.

Easier said than done, right? How often have I given up before I even started because I decided I will never be as good or as successful as some of the ‘greats’?

Try to remind yourself that that’s not the point. What you are doing is for you. There will always be someone ahead, and someone behind.

Until next time,


<3 Cammy



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  1. Great advice for getting back to healthy habits! The brain is very malleable, so wecan build back strength -it’s a virtuous cycle!

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