Quick Core Workout and Feeling Untraditional

Good Morning Readers!

FINALLY getting back into my groove. OK. That’s not true, as far as fitness goes I’ve been grooving for a couple of months, it’s just been a secret. I’m back and ready to share.

Before we get into the flow, I just have a few notes…Because this blog also functions as my personal diary and really, what’s one more a**hole spilling their guts on the internet. It won’t ruin anyone’s day 🙂

I have and have always had a very untraditional life. It may not look like it from the outside, but both my upbringing and adult life have been..different. I’m pretty self-conscious about it and sometimes it really upsets me. I’m also extremely lucky in many ways, which I remind myself as often as I can, but after all it’s human nature to wallow. So why does it upset me? Because I want traditional things, but also because I fear judgement. I’m embarrassed about my differences, so what am I to do? Suddenly, spontaneously overcome my fear of judgement, or hide the differences of my circumstance and maintain a fake facade for the outside world? Our characters are always judged by our individual circumstances, I guess my goal will have to be accept it and move on



Abs and Core Workout

Please pardon…

The baby

The terrible lighting

The creaky floor

My ridiculous hair

The dog banging the door open, scaring the crap out of me, and standing in front of the camera.

The end of the video where it shows my messy living room and failed attempts at baby-proofing.

Clearly I’m a novice videographer.


Down-dog stretch

Side plank dip & rotation (first side)

Plank Down-ups

Side plank dip & rotation (second side)

Plank rock*

Childs pose*


Teaser with leg and arm variations

Reverse crunch + Leg lifts

Single leg lifts

Double leg lifts

Rolling like a ball


Frequently when I’m working out I don’t keep count. I just go until it burns and guestimate for the other side. YOU WILL NOT GET LOPSIDED. Doing a set number of reps definitely helps if you’re feeling unmotivated/tired. Depending on the exercise, I keep it anywhere from 8-30 reps. Not very helpful I know. Listen to your body and don’t over work yourself, but at the same time make sure you are working. 

Keeping your lower back pressed against the floor/mat is so important in protecting your lower back from injury. I have a hard time with this, as you can see in the video, and I try really hard to focus on it. Keeping your back flat also makes the exercise much harder, so if you struggle with a gapping lower back like me, just lower the reps at first. Don’t make the mistake I did of thinking your lower back is invincible; it isn’t.  

In between exercises I often do a few roll-ups (starting flat on your back and rolling up slowly starting with your head, neck, and shoulders). It serves a a good reset. 


Until next time!


<3 Cammy



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