Lazy Day Legs and Dogs

Good Morning Readers!

Round two of fitness videos with the worst lighting. Literally the worst, it’s just terrible.

Not too much to add today except that I am feeling very sluggish, sleepy, and a little fluffy. All I really want to do is snuggle, and apparently my dog Gavin shares feels the same, as you will see in the video So what to do when you want to curl up but know you need to move your body around a little? I’ll tell you.

Pick 5-10 of your favorite exercises and tell yourself you will do X number of reps for each exercise. For my this is usually legs. Legs are my fav. Love leg day.

When I’m feeling excited and super motivated about my daily workout I set a timer on my phone (30-45 minutes, including cardio) and just go for it. On days like today when I want to work out as much as Gavin does, this method does not work. I end up sitting there, doing anything but my workout.

Setting a goal of a certain amount of reps on your off days means that the workout is over when you finish the whole thing, not when the timer goes off.

A word of caution: If your rep-goal is too high and you’re already feeling lazy, you may find yourself rushing to finish which absolutely will affect your form. If the choice is injury or fewer reps, do yourself a favor and make the smart choice.

On to it:

Favorite Leg and Bum exercises

I did a few balance exercises in the beginning of this workout, but I almost fell over a few times so they got edited out. I really feel like a lazy day workout should be mostly exercises that are done lying down anyways. 

Single leg circles – Inner and outer thigh, lower abdominals

10x each direction, each side.

Side lying leg lifts – Outer thigh

20x each side

Side leg circles – Inner and outer thigh, bum

10x each direction, each side

Clam shells – Outer thigh and bum

3 variations, 10x each, each side.

These are a few of my favorite staple leg exercises.  Squats are great too because they require basically no coordination and add in a cardio element.


Until next time ❤





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