3-Day Juice Cleanse: Day #1; Part 2

Woke up feeling super tired, which was not ideal. I did workout this morning, I did not do any cardio.

10am Juice #1: Sweet Spin

140 Calories

18g Sugar

4g Fiber

34g Carbs

As predicted; tastes like blended kale. Fortunately I have spent many years teaching myself to like things that taste like blended kale.

Got some banana in there. Kind of wish I could just eat a banana. Feeling a little faint. Might faint.

12pm Juice #2: Spicy Pomegranate

90 Calories

22g Sugar

0g Fiber

24g Carbs

0g Protein

Super, super tasty. Would be great with tequila.

Hungry, not dying, the sugar definitely took the edge off.

2pm Juice #3: Green Radiance

220 Calories

37g Sugar

54g Carbs

4g Protein

EW. A world of ew. This juice was pulpy and thick, not sweet at all. Super inconvenient because this was right around the time I started feeling like my stomach was eating itself.

4pm Juice #4: Chia Berry

160 Calories

28g Sugar

38g Carbs

2g protein

Definitely starting to feel like giving up and also getting sleepy. Extremely hungry and very thirsty, just not for another damn juice.

6pm Juice #5: Watermelon Wizard

170 Calories

29g Sugar

41g Carbs

3g Protein

Tasty enough. Hunger comes and goes, no energy.

8pm Juice #5: X-treme Greens

140 Calories

18g Sugar

26g Carbs

6g Protein

I am so sugared-out I could barely drink this one. Highly doubt I can make it three days unless something miraculous happens…


<3 Cammy


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