3-Day Juice Cleanse: Day #1; Pt. 1

Currently perched on the couch drinking black coffee, it’s actually pretty tasty. Why? Juice Cleanse Baby! I am embarking on a 3-day juice cleanse and I have to say I’m really excited/mildly terrified. I can say with certainty that, sleeping aside, I have not gone over 4 hours without food in…possibly ever, actually.

This might be a disaster. 

Fortunately [unfortunately?] I have: not done laundry in a week, not gone grocery shopping in two weeks, not cleaned the bathrooms in 2-weeks [ahem, this is a lie, it’s been longer], or done anything that a reasonably well-adjusted homemaker takes pride in (organizing your amazon subscribe-and-save’s, anyone?). Hopefully these things will distract me from the hunger pains. Also, entertaining a 7-month old is always a time-consumer.

Why am I doing this? Besides the fact that they’re ALL the rage, I am genuinely feeling like I need a reset. A little boost. A nudge in the right direction.

I decided on Jus by Julie.

Because I did a whole bunch of research and decided that it combined all of the best elements in the world of juice cleanses. No. Because I found a Groupon for this particular 3-day cleanse (which ended up being the same price as the other ones because they tack on a $30 shipping fee, GRRR). Anyways…I’m sure it will be delicious and satisfying. Again, no. Pretty sure it will taste exactly like blended kale and I’ll be starving for 3-days.

I really am feeling positive about all of this.

So what is my goal? I love [am bewildered by] how all juice-cleanse disclaimers state that weight loss should not be the goal. Let’s just get real, how many people are doing a juice cleanse and are genuinely not hoping to loose a few LBS? So yeah, I’m comfortable saying that a big part of my goal is to shed a few (5?) pounds. However, I have recently gotten lazy with my diet and really want to get back on track, which I believe is supposed to be the purpose of a juice cleanse.

Day #1!

My stats:

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 131 lbs

BMI: 21.8

Body Fat: 18.5% (according to my scale, but THIS IS A LIE, it’s probably more like 23%. I am not a marathon runner, ya’ll)


And without further ado…

<3 Cammy










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