Juice Cleanse Day #2

Day #2! I am so excited for day #3.

Today was WAY better than yesterday. I woke up and felt amazing. I had a slight headache, I’m guessing from lack of protein, but coffee took care of that. My energy has been amazing all day; I actually feel kind of wired. Usually I get sluggish around 1-3pm, but not today. Even as I sit here writing this at 7pm I have amazing energy and might tackle (yet another) household project.

Let’s just get one thing straight here- I’m hungry. It’s getting tough. The fact that you are consuming around 1000 Calories a day does not mean anything (at least not to me) because it’s juice. I can’t imagine how hungry I would be without the juice and honestly I never really want to find out. That being said, this is the first time today that I’ve felt REALLY hungry. Prior to this I really wasn’t and it took me about an hour to finish each juice.

You are permitted 2 cups of steamed/raw veggies and up to 3 egg whites per day. Coffee is allowed. Didn’t go for the foods last night but I happen to have some steamed broccoli in the fridge and it’s looking MIGHTY tasty right about now.

The juices today are marginal, I wont go through all of them but I was pretty disappointed in the Choconanna which I had been looking forward to all day. It separated (i’m guessing because of the coconut milk) and had a pretty terrible texture. y least favorite juice is last. Ugh.

Day #3 tomorrow! Can’t wait…


<3 Cammy






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