Juice Cleanse Day #3

WOOHOO LAST DAY!! Wow, I never would have guessed that I could do this. It’s amazing how not-dying I feel. Again woke up with a headache that disappeared with coffee. Even felt like doing a little working out.

Made myself a giant to-do list this morning, which is always helpful. Benny and I agreed last night that lying in bed watching TV is the absolute worst thing to do when you are juicing/fasting, he is reluctantly fasting for 48 hours. I don’t exactly feel hungry, I just feel empty, and a little lightheaded. It’s not a bad feeling, but I definitely feel kind of off though. My skin keeps crawling weirdly. I really wanted to work out today so I did a little 15-20 minute video, nothing crazy. My muscles get sad if they’re not worked out regularly.

Nothing new about the juices for today, although when I was reading reviews about Jus by Julie people talked about a few juices that I didn’t receive (I specifically wanted to try the Island Coconut). I think other people got a wider variety because all of the juices I’m drinking today I have already had at least once. Sad. My 5pm Juice, Acai Blend, was so disgusting I couldn’t drink it. Decent flavor but just the worst texture.

Anyways, feeling good, feeling empty, feeling excited for tomorrow.

6pm Check-in…Just drank my last juice. I am so angry and hungry. My jaw hurts from lack of chewing, I might cave tonight and have some broccoli.


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I am so aware that I need to work on my video qual


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