Morning Musings and the Aftermath of a Three-Day Juice Cleanse

Good morning all,

Yet another morning spent lying in bed for 20 minutes after the initial flicker of wakefulness, denying that it’s time to get up. We’ve been having a lot of these. I also spend these minutes protecting my face as I was pretty decently head butted the other morning; my nose might be broken. Generally it’s a waiting contest, which parent will get annoyed and just bite the bullet to get out of bed and carry the squealing child downstairs (who yes, ends up in our bed most nights), allowing the other parent to sleep. I have to say, usually I win this contest and score an extra half hour of zzz’s. Broken nose or not. (I lost this morning).

We went to see Cirque Du Soleil: Luzia last night, and let’s just say I am seriously questioning my physical capabilities right now. My thoughts were a combination of “Wow, amazing,” and “I really need to stretch more.” It’s easy to forget that those are actual humans doing these amazing acrobatics, and once you make this realization it’s pretty cool to see what the human body is capable of.

This brings me to the first of two things that are on my mind this morning. The first is; When is fitness enough? Take someone just getting into physical shape for the first time. They’re doing great, they have reached their goal and they wake up one morning and say;

“This is enough. I am happy now, I have reached my goal and I don’t want to be any stronger than this.” 

First of all, does this person exist? If they do, I’d love to learn their secret because, I’ll speak for most here, for most of us, it is never enough. I can honestly say that I have never woken up completely satisfied. Am I generally satisfied, like 90% satisfied? I try not to be obsessive, but I ALWAYS see room for improvement in my routines.

Form, flexibility, strength, endurance. I always want more. 

The second, more important, item on my mind is the aftermath/results of my three-day cleanse.

Juice Cleanse: Check-in

Just as a recap, I ended with a body weight of 125.2, almost 6 lbs lost from my starting weight of 131 lbs. This morning I weighted in at 126.2, so 1 lb gained back in just under a week.

I did not embark on this cleanse solely for the purpose of weight loss. I genuinely wanted to be cleansed. This is misleading because in my book cleansed and dropping a few LBS are synonymous…right? If things [toxins] are exiting your body, they must have weight right? And if they are no longer there, you do not carry that weight any more… ok.

I would absolutely do another cleanse and I am actually planning my next one. Hunger aside, I really felt amazing during the whole process, and most of the time didn’t even feel hungry (just a couple hours each night were semi-brutal)! I talked previously about feeling oddly energized during the cleanse. I usually get very sleepy in the afternoons, from 1-3pm, and since my return to solid foods, my sleepiness has also returned. During the cleanse I was wired all day. Maybe it was the sugar in the juices. Maybe it was my adrenaline. Maybe the cleanse was working. 

A juice cleanse is meant first and foremost to serve as a reset. To relearn how to properly take care of and feed your body. Yes, I have returned to eating foods again, obviously, but I am so much more aware of what I am eating. I have found in the past week that my cravings have subsided significantly and I don’t feel the urge to snack.

I’m waiting for these effects to wear off, and I’ll know it’s time for another cleanse. This might be the start of something amazing…



❤ Cammy





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