Picking a Theme for your Holiday Decor

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Now that it’s actually November and getting chillier, I’m really into my groove. This basically means I no longer feel guilty about drinking my coffee out of a snowman mug.

Holiday decorating is so important to me. It gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling to see my little Santa Clause figurines, string lights, wreath, snowflakes, etc… twinkling at me when I’m hanging at home. I would bet a decent amount that I’m not the only one who feels this way about the holidays. I’d also bet, possibly more, that others like myself have large families with kids who ‘need’ lots and lots of presents, host events over the holidays, and totally stress over how to afford it all! Being the leader of this highly motivated, yet financially humble, group of individuals, I have taken it upon myself over the years to come up with a few REALLY GOOD ways to save money with Holiday decorating.

One of the best ways to save money, although it might not make sense (and therefore I shall explain), is to stick to a theme when you’re buying decorations for your house. Which is just so hard. But, if you pick a theme each year, you automatically rule out ALL of the things that do not fall into your chosen category. This makes me feel less deprived, more focused, and who doesn’t love a little congruency in their Holiday Decorating.

Think about your holiday style. Are you more Whimsical? Do you own so many plaid shirts people think you robbed an Eddie Bauer? Are you just the classiest mofo out of there and the thought of a garish red and green wreath makes you throw up a little? If you are one of these people, then you probably already have a theme in mind… But maybe you’re like me; anything red with a red nose, ‘Merry and Bright” in glitter, straight down to a white and gold table cloth catch your eye when it comes to the holidays.

Clearly I need a little congruency in my Holiday Decorating.

Ideas for a Christmas Decor Theme:

  1. A White Christmas

white christmas.png

The traditional, elegant, and super classy White Christmas. What could possibly go wrong? White, gold, silver, with maybe a splash of red here and there. Check out more White Christmas Inspo!

2. A Whimsical Christmas!

fun with gnomes.png

Before I start…did you know that the M-W definition of Whimsical is ‘characterized by whim.’ REALLY GUYS?!

What I mean by a whimsical Christmas is just that ‘feeling’ you get when you see an object or arrangement and it just transports you right to the polar express.

Christmas Gnomes are one of those things for me. They popped up a few years back and I am just obsessed with them. I put them everywhere. E v e r y w h e r e. If you find yourself at our house during the holiday season and maybe wanted to take a nice quiet pee for instance (a rarity in our house), you might find one of these little friends staring you in the face from the bathroom vanity.

Elf on a shelf, anyone?

The fun doesn’t end with surprising guests with a bathroom visitor. Gnome houses, hats, and trains are all great additions. The simplicity, and child-like innocence of this style of decoration is so perfect and nostalgic. I highly recommend a little Christmas Gnome Decor.

3. Indoor Lights

A few years back during a bout of seasonal depression, I bought about 45 boxes of string lights from Amazon. They were SO pretty I put them everywhere. By the time I had finished putting up all the lights, I was so tired of decorating, I didn’t make it to the rest of the decorations for weeks! However, the lights alone were so pretty it was worth all of the effort. Get creative with the lights. A few different places I have done over the years:

2. Stairwell

3. Bathroom mirror

4. Hall closet

5. Bedroom headboard

6. Living room ceiling.

4. Rustic Cabin Christmas

www.deelarentipilates.blog.pngLoving these ideas, but feeling like it might all start to get a little pricey? Check out my top five tips on decorating on a budget! Don’t get freaked out, I’m not sending you to a page full of week-long, stress-inducing DIY-projects. As much as I hate to admit it, I can’t DIY for the life of me…Seriously who has time to go to three different goodwills to find the perfect pillow, pull all the stuffing from said pillow, repurpose an old flannel shirt to be stuffed with once-was-pillow, soon to be flannel-shirt-pillow????? Not this girl.

How to.png

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