Barre and Abdominal Workout (30 minute video + graphic)

Gooooooooood morning!

Get strong, lean, long, and why not throw in some washboard-abs while we’re at it?

Try out my 30-minute Barre and Abs Workout. Follow along with the video (laugh at my struggles) or use the graphic and practice the exercises on your own time!

Grab your mat, grab a chair, and let’s do this thing!


Standing warm-up

  1. Squats (x20)
  2. Squats + leg lift (x20, alternating legs)
  3. Alternating squat+lunge backs

Barre Legs (repeat each side)

  1. Forward leg lift (x 20)
  2. Rond-de-jambe (x20 each way)
  3. Rear leg lift (x20
  4. (facing the barre)
  5. Straight leg rear booty lift (x 20)
  6. Bent knee booty lift (x 20)
  7. Standing fire hydrant (x 20)


  1. C-curve (x 8)
  2. Roll down (x 8)
  3. C-curve + knee-ins/leg extension (x 8 each leg)
  4. Criss-cross abs (x 20 alternating)
  5. scissor legs (single straight-leg stretch x 20 alternating)
  6. scissor + rotation (x20 alternating


  1. Bird-dog (x 8 each side)
  2. Up-stretch
  3. Down-stretch



<3 Cammy




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