20-minute Laid-Back Pilates Flow + Thoughts on Hoarding??

Hello there..

Y’all, I do not support hoarding in any way whatsoever. I don’t understand the obsession with toilet paper, or why so any menial items seem to be sold out (i.e. oatmeal and bath toys?) I do fully understand the impulse to hoard though. It’s almost impossible to resist!

I just came from the grocery store and it’s just armageddon out there. From the creepy grocery-cart-sanitizing table, to quickly darting past the aisles already occupied by masked, confused humans, frantically stocking their bleach-smelling carts with bread and yogurt, I shudder to think I have to go back any time soon. Thus, my impulse to over purchase and hoard comes to life. I am thankfully limited in my spending as I have run out of space in my pantry and freezer. (Note: I have not purchased any toilet paper. I’ll just stick my bum in the shower, just like we do with the baby…wipes are expensive, guys!).

I don’t think we should shun people who over purchase. Yes, it is rather selfish, and no many of the things are not a necessity, and yes as of right now grocery stores are still open…but these are dark times, and who knows what could happen next? I laugh and joke about people buying enough toilet paper for the next five years, but my sister and I have also discussed the possibility of purchasing a family dairy cow and I have recently ordered a large number of crop-seeds…and save coffee grounds (to sprout the seeds, duh).

*Some time later, she delicately stepped off of her soap box*

The moral of the story is: Don’t hoard, it’s silly. Purchase more than you normally would, sure. If you think about it this is actually the more responsible thing to do, as you wont need to go back for much longer. My strategy? Max out the capacity of my kitchen/pantry storage. Wait until everything is eaten, and I’m talking everything, like the shitty tomato-based garden-vegetable Progresso soups way in the back and possibly covered in mouse poop. THEN, return to the grocery store.

Shall we do some Pilates??

Follow along with a 20-minute, totally laid-back pilates flow. This is an example of a flow I would do if it was just me, the baby, and the dogs…which is it, I just took a video and am now sharing…

  • I don’t plan my own workouts ahead of time unless I REALLY don’t feel like working out and need to follow a pre-meditated flow/cirquit to get through it..
  • I don’t work out for that long at once! It’s usually 20-30 minutes of cardio in the morning, OR 30-40 minutes of strength/pilates per day.
  • I never work out for more than three days in a row.

Watch the video to follow along, or do it on your own time with the written flow that you can find at the bottom of this post!!

20-minute Pilates Flow


  1. C-curve (x 8)
  2. C-curve + rotation (x 8 each side)
  3. Roll-down (x 8)
  4. Ab curl (x 8)
  5. Supine toe-taps (x 8 each side)
  6. Bent-knee leg lift (x 8)
  7. Hundred
  8. Knee sway
  9. Double leg stretch (x 8)
  10. Rolling like a ball (x 8)
  11. Teaser with arm variations (x 8 each variation)
  12. Teaser prep (x 4 each leg)
  13. Single-leg circle (x 8 each direction, each leg)
  14. Single straight-leg stretch (x 8 each leg)
  15. Bridging (x 8)
  16. Bridge with arching (x 8 each leg)
  17. Bridging with straight leg variation (x 8 each leg)
  18. Side lying leg lifts + big circles (x 8 each direction)
  19. Side lying small circles, flexed foot (x 12 each direction)
  20. Side lying forward kicks, flexed foot (x 12)
  21. Cat cow
  22. Plank with leg lift (x 8 alternating)
  23. Swan (x 6)
  24. Swimmer (x 16 alternating)
  25. Tricep push-up (x 8)
  26. Tricep push-up + superman (x 4)



Well, that’s all for today! Stay strong, friends 🙂


❤ Cammy

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