Pilates Core: Plank Variations and Lower abdominals

Good morning readers!

A little tidbit of Pilates to help you work on that core… and now a few notes on the exercises:

  1. Think of the core as a cylinder..not just the abdominals, but the multifidi, the lumbar spine, the pelvic floor and ALL of those deep, deep abdominals also known as the transverse abdominals.
  2. When you are holding a plank, are you staring under yourself at your toes? Maybe straining your neck to peak out in front of you? I know, it’s tempting, but try your hardest to focus your gaze on your fingertips to keep your neck long and free of strain.
  3. Puff up in between your shoulder blades to keep your ribcage from flaring out, engage your lower back muscles (multifidi) to drop your hips down instead of piking them up to the ceiling.


A strong plank takes practice, but you got this




Ta ta for now…

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