Full Body 30 Minute Pilates Flow

Good morning friends!

Welcome to my 30 minute Full body Pilates Flow!

Watch the video below for a 15-minute, sped up version (for those of us who get bored)

Or scroll to the bottom and watch the full-length video on my YouTube channel!

A few things to keep in mind while following along with these exercises; They may not be for everyone! Some of these abdominal exercises are fairly advanced (open-leg rocker, for example). Some of these exercises are not ideal for back injuries (Yoga’s wheel pose).

Please leave me a comment, or follow me on Instagram —> and send me a DM if you are interested in modifications!


Now onto some thoughts I’ve been having;

For those of you staying home, how are you doing? Let me just go ahead and answer that for you. Not. Well. (randomly thinking of that MCR song from middle school “I’m not OK” for those of us who had a VERY brief emo phase…UGH). Not that I want to relive my pre-teen years, but I am not OK. This is hard. Each day is harder than the next and some days are absolutely terrible. Everything is hard, I’m lonely, I feel a constant type of despair and loss. Anyone else?

<3 Cammy


One thought on “Full Body 30 Minute Pilates Flow

  1. I feel your pain. “zombie apocalypse without the zombies.” It will end, but it’s going on soooo long. Hand in there – each day that passes we are nearer to ending this lockdown!

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