Beginner Booty Workout

Morning’ friends!

Working out at home takes motivation and compromise. You don’t have the gym-style atmosphere to get you excited, the cardio machine of your choice, or the array of dum bells, straps, benches, bars, and what not. So how can we make the home-workout experience a little better? Well, you gotta start somewhere. Focus on the right side; you can workout in your underwear. You can workout and watch the food network (personal fav). you can workout and do laundry, slightly less fun I know. My point is that working out at home isn’t that bad, and you might even come to love it!

Let’s start by working some big muscle groups to rev up your metabolism and get you burning fat and burning muscle with these beginner lower body (booty) exercises.

What makes this workout ‘beginner’? Simple exercises doesn’t mean they’re easy. It means that they are accessible to a wide variety of people with different fitness levels and different physical limitations. These exercises don’t require lots of flexibility, balance, or a huge amount of strength. But remember a workout is supposed to be challenging! You are supposed to feel muscle burn. It may be uncomfortable at first, but once you start associating the burn with strength and muscle gain, you will come to love the feeling, promise. Simple exercises are made challenging by simply doing more repetitions. So do as many as you can!

Follow along with me and do each exercise x20 and if you really want to feel the burn, consider doing it twice! Ouch..


Until next time

<3 Cammy


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