Side Plank Series

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What’s your workout style?? Do you like to work your whole body or focus on a different muscle group each day? Are you a cardio freak or couldn’t get caught within 10 feet of a treadmill? Body weight workout or weight training? Or perhaps you take the more natural route; biking, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing…surfing?????? UGH! Why, New England? Why?

Well I like to do all of the above (minus the outdoor stuff…I’ve discovered over the years that I’m slightly less of a nature girl…beaching aside:-D). Weight training, Pilates, Body-weight-based strength training, running, walking, spinning, you name it! I have to switch it up because otherwise ***SNORE*** I get bored. What I don’t do that some people are crazy about it designate different body parts to different workouts..for instance ‘leg day.’

My friends, if you do cardio, pretty much every day is leg day. You ever notice that most cardio pursuits are lower-body focused??? Rock climbing, rowing, boating…Yeah, I know not all, MOST! Leave me alone.

I like to do a little bit of everything in my workouts. However if you do online workouts, they can get tedious for sure. When I first started working out at home to YouTube videos, I’d spend 10 minutes or so browsing different workouts and I’d pick 4-6 5-10 minute workouts that focused on different areas! This strategy really worked for me and I still do it when I feel like being taught for a change – it keeps me engaged! and it’s such an accomplished feeling ‘x-ing’ out of each completed workout.

Anywho, if you’re looking for a few exercises to add to your repertoire, try these KILLER side plank variations on for size! Three different positions that work the entire side of your body. Seriously, stand next to a mirror and look at your side, these exercises work EVERYTHING that’s there. Shoulders, arms, obliques, side booty, outer thighs. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Ready to shake and burn? Let’s do this, y’all!

Side Body Plank Workout


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