Killer Bum Workout

Hello friends!

Welcome to your killer booty workout of the day! The first two videos below will work the ever loving crap out of your butt 🙂 because yay! The third is a cool down series that targets the glutes – because I’m nice and I want you to be able to sit for the rest of the day.

Start standing with this Squat Series to get your heart rate up.

There are two variations that involve jumping here, if you prefer low-impact, simply omit the jumps! I promise it will still burn like cray-zay!

Squat Variations Workout for the Booty


Now that your heart rate is a-pumpin, let’s work those deep, inner, hard-to-get-at booty muscles.


All fours Butt workout


You are possibly questioning your ability to stand or sit for the rest of today and tomorrow…no problem! Join my partner and I for some lovely cool-down stretching.

I am not a huge fan of stretching, I have to force myself to do it. However, I hear it’s important.

It’s important.

Force yourself to stretch. I find that moving while I stretch is far more tolerable than just a static (unmoving) stretch. Try wiggling around a little bit, or pulsing into the stretch slightly.

Cool down Stretches


You did it!

As always, I love comments, questions, and feedback. How did this workout work out for you? Hah.


Until next time…

<3 Cammy


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