Warm-up & Cool-down Stretches

Hey all,

Finally seeing the hint of Spring in the air…it’s been a long time coming.

I probably have mentioned this before, but I am not the biggest fan of stretching. Because I usually have such a small amount of time to workout in the morning before life takes over, I am always so reluctant to dedicate 10 minutes of my precious workout time to stretching, cooling down, and warming up.

Guys…it is so worth it. This flow just feels amazing. Now, sometimes I just drop down on to the carpet and do a few of these moves while the child is eating lunch or whatnot.

Because I have nothing else to do I am also dedicating this time [of confinement] to increasing my flexibility. I have always had tight muscles (probably because I don’t stretch enough…) but I am always envious of people who DO dedicate a certain amount of time to stretching. So I am going to become one of them. And you should try it too 🙂


These videos are sped up X2, so take your time!


Warm-up & cool-down stretches ~ Pilates Flow


Warm-up & cool-down stretches ~ Pilates Flow



Until next time!


<3 Cammy


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