Pilates Series of 5 – Ab and Booty Flow

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The Pilates Series of 5 flow is an great abdominal workout and incorporates 5 quintessential exercises from the pilates world.

  1. Single-leg stretch
  2. Double-leg stretch
  3. Double straight-leg stretch
  4. Single straight-leg stretch
  5. Criss cross

Modifications are always available to you as you work your way up to the full movement.

Consider trying some of these!

for Single-leg stretch: Keep the head down and start with marching, bringing the legs to tabletop and tapping one toe lightly to the floor at a time. as you get comfortable with this, extend one leg out long as you hug the opposite knee in. THEN we progress to holding the abdominal curl.

Double-leg stretch: keep upper body relaxed on the met. begin with legs in table top, and tap both toes down keeping the knees at 90 degrees. Progress to sending both legs out long, parallel to the floor. THEN we progress to the ab curl!

Double & Single straight-leg stretch: Keep the head down, knees bent.

Criss Cross: instead of extending opposite leg long, try from a bent-knee, feet on the mat position, and lifting one knee to the chest at a time.


Without further ado…


Pilates Abdominal Series of 5 and Butt Work



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