5 Best Combination Exercises

One of my favorite way to exercise when it comes to functional workouts is with combination exercises.

Combination exercises are, you guessed it, routines that incorporate multiple movements into one grande, all encompassing exercise. Many of us (myself included) have a small window in which to squeeze in a daily workout (fondly referred to as being ‘time-poor’). Instead of taking a minute for squats, a minute for leg lifts, a minute for lunges, etc… combining them cuts back on time without sacrificing any muscle groups!

Time-poor or not, however, I really like combination exercises because they keep things interesting. I am not an overly evolved or enlightened individual, i hate to say, and I get bored. Fast. Really fast. Sometimes working out is boring (cardio?), but switching it up and giving yourself something to think about while you move is a great distraction.

Check out some of these combo moves I came up with this morning!

Give mine a try, or take your favorite aspects of each and make your own! If it’s hard, makes you sweat, and your muscles burn, then it’s a good workout…that’s my rule of thumb.

I had fun with the names.

  1. Booty burner: Curtsey squat – squat – side leg lift


2. Core stabilizer + Butt blaster + Quad Killer: Rear lunge – single leg pivot – toe tap


3. Inner Thigh, I Died: Sumo squat ankle reaches – heel raise – sumo squat


4. Abs of Steel: Straight leg criss cross – double leg lift – ab curl


5. Arm/Butt/Shoulder Extravaganza: Kneeling toe pulse – shoulder tap – push-up


Al righty Y’all…I am very aware that my descriptions are lacking…but that’s what the videos are for.


I’d love to hear how you did, or maybe what you came up with for your own combo moves!


Until next time,

<3 Cammy


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