Choose How Hard You Work

Good morning readers! One of the things on my todo list after I get comfortable with this whole blogging thing is to immerse myself in youtube videos. Making a video takes a lot of work! But more on that later… However, this has prompted some preemptive thought on the types of things I will sayContinue reading “Choose How Hard You Work”

The Invincible Body

About three months ago I sustained what I now know as ‘an injury.’ There is a tender achy sore spot about halfway down my left buttock and it occasionally pinches my sciatic nerve. It is not fun.   So what have I been doing for it? Really nothing, lots of pigeon stretch. Because I’m inContinue reading “The Invincible Body”

Staying Faithful to Fitness Goals

Good Morning Readers! A few things might tell you this, including the title of my blog, but my fitness focus is Pilates. This includes mat (beginner through advanced), the Pilates Reformer, and Barre. To recap, I have been practicing Pilates since the age of 16, which was approximately nine years ago. Over the last threeContinue reading “Staying Faithful to Fitness Goals”

Body Types

Good Morning readers!   I little while ago I stumbled across something on pinterest (no, not StumbleUpon tehe), that discussed different body types and their relation to fitness. I came to learn that there are many many articles detailing how best to workout for your specific body type to see the best results.   WhatContinue reading “Body Types”

Stretching Goals

Stretching has always been a weakness of mine. After I complete a tough workout I’m  so excited to hop in the shower and eat something that stretching is postponed and frequently forgotten. This is terrible for a few reasons; Stretching- Actually helps build strength, Reduces bulky muscles and lactic acid build up, Can help decrease/preventContinue reading “Stretching Goals”

Range of Motion continued…AND Tiny Pulses!

    Good Afternoon, Pilates aficionados! A few posts back I began the conversation about my journey to discovering my range of motion. Just to recap slightly, it took me 7 years to discover how my body wanted to move and to start paying attention to what my body was telling me.   I was inspiredContinue reading “Range of Motion continued…AND Tiny Pulses!”


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