Juice Cleanse Day #3

WOOHOO LAST DAY!! Wow, I never would have guessed that I could do this. It’s amazing how not-dying I feel. Again woke up with a headache that disappeared with coffee. Even felt like doing a little working out.

Made myself a giant to-do list this morning, which is always helpful. Benny and I agreed last night that lying in bed watching TV is the absolute worst thing to do when you are juicing/fasting, he is reluctantly fasting for 48 hours. I don’t exactly feel hungry, I just feel empty, and a little lightheaded. It’s not a bad feeling, but I definitely feel kind of off though. My skin keeps crawling weirdly. I really wanted to work out today so I did a little 15-20 minute video, nothing crazy. My muscles get sad if they’re not worked out regularly.

Nothing new about the juices for today, although when I was reading reviews about Jus by Julie people talked about a few juices that I didn’t receive (I specifically wanted to try the Island Coconut). I think other people got a wider variety because all of the juices I’m drinking today I have already had at least once. Sad. My 5pm Juice, Acai Blend, was so disgusting I couldn’t drink it. Decent flavor but just the worst texture.

Anyways, feeling good, feeling empty, feeling excited for tomorrow.

6pm Check-in…Just drank my last juice. I am so angry and hungry. My jaw hurts from lack of chewing, I might cave tonight and have some broccoli.


❤ Cammy





I am so aware that I need to work on my video qual

Juice Cleanse Day #2

Day #2! I am so excited for day #3.

Today was WAY better than yesterday. I woke up and felt amazing. I had a slight headache, I’m guessing from lack of protein, but coffee took care of that. My energy has been amazing all day; I actually feel kind of wired. Usually I get sluggish around 1-3pm, but not today. Even as I sit here writing this at 7pm I have amazing energy and might tackle (yet another) household project.

Let’s just get one thing straight here- I’m hungry. It’s getting tough. The fact that you are consuming around 1000 Calories a day does not mean anything (at least not to me) because it’s juice. I can’t imagine how hungry I would be without the juice and honestly I never really want to find out. That being said, this is the first time today that I’ve felt REALLY hungry. Prior to this I really wasn’t and it took me about an hour to finish each juice.

You are permitted 2 cups of steamed/raw veggies and up to 3 egg whites per day. Coffee is allowed. Didn’t go for the foods last night but I happen to have some steamed broccoli in the fridge and it’s looking MIGHTY tasty right about now.

The juices today are marginal, I wont go through all of them but I was pretty disappointed in the Choconanna which I had been looking forward to all day. It separated (i’m guessing because of the coconut milk) and had a pretty terrible texture. y least favorite juice is last. Ugh.

Day #3 tomorrow! Can’t wait…


❤ Cammy





3-Day Juice Cleanse: Day #1; Part 2

Woke up feeling super tired, which was not ideal. I did workout this morning, I did not do any cardio.

10am Juice #1: Sweet Spin

140 Calories

18g Sugar

4g Fiber

34g Carbs

As predicted; tastes like blended kale. Fortunately I have spent many years teaching myself to like things that taste like blended kale.

Got some banana in there. Kind of wish I could just eat a banana. Feeling a little faint. Might faint.

12pm Juice #2: Spicy Pomegranate

90 Calories

22g Sugar

0g Fiber

24g Carbs

0g Protein

Super, super tasty. Would be great with tequila.

Hungry, not dying, the sugar definitely took the edge off.

2pm Juice #3: Green Radiance

220 Calories

37g Sugar

54g Carbs

4g Protein

EW. A world of ew. This juice was pulpy and thick, not sweet at all. Super inconvenient because this was right around the time I started feeling like my stomach was eating itself.

4pm Juice #4: Chia Berry

160 Calories

28g Sugar

38g Carbs

2g protein

Definitely starting to feel like giving up and also getting sleepy. Extremely hungry and very thirsty, just not for another damn juice.

6pm Juice #5: Watermelon Wizard

170 Calories

29g Sugar

41g Carbs

3g Protein

Tasty enough. Hunger comes and goes, no energy.

8pm Juice #5: X-treme Greens

140 Calories

18g Sugar

26g Carbs

6g Protein

I am so sugared-out I could barely drink this one. Highly doubt I can make it three days unless something miraculous happens…


❤ Cammy

3-Day Juice Cleanse: Day #1; Pt. 1

Currently perched on the couch drinking black coffee, it’s actually pretty tasty. Why? Juice Cleanse Baby! I am embarking on a 3-day juice cleanse and I have to say I’m really excited/mildly terrified. I can say with certainty that, sleeping aside, I have not gone over 4 hours without food in…possibly ever, actually.

This might be a disaster. 

Fortunately [unfortunately?] I have: not done laundry in a week, not gone grocery shopping in two weeks, not cleaned the bathrooms in 2-weeks [ahem, this is a lie, it’s been longer], or done anything that a reasonably well-adjusted homemaker takes pride in (organizing your amazon subscribe-and-save’s, anyone?). Hopefully these things will distract me from the hunger pains. Also, entertaining a 7-month old is always a time-consumer.

Why am I doing this? Besides the fact that they’re ALL the rage, I am genuinely feeling like I need a reset. A little boost. A nudge in the right direction.

I decided on Jus by Julie.

Because I did a whole bunch of research and decided that it combined all of the best elements in the world of juice cleanses. No. Because I found a Groupon for this particular 3-day cleanse (which ended up being the same price as the other ones because they tack on a $30 shipping fee, GRRR). Anyways…I’m sure it will be delicious and satisfying. Again, no. Pretty sure it will taste exactly like blended kale and I’ll be starving for 3-days.

I really am feeling positive about all of this.

So what is my goal? I love [am bewildered by] how all juice-cleanse disclaimers state that weight loss should not be the goal. Let’s just get real, how many people are doing a juice cleanse and are genuinely not hoping to loose a few LBS? So yeah, I’m comfortable saying that a big part of my goal is to shed a few (5?) pounds. However, I have recently gotten lazy with my diet and really want to get back on track, which I believe is supposed to be the purpose of a juice cleanse.

Day #1!

My stats:

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 131 lbs

BMI: 21.8

Body Fat: 18.5% (according to my scale, but THIS IS A LIE, it’s probably more like 23%. I am not a marathon runner, ya’ll)


And without further ado…

❤ Cammy









Lazy Day Legs and Dogs

Good Morning Readers!

Round two of fitness videos with the worst lighting. Literally the worst, it’s just terrible.

Not too much to add today except that I am feeling very sluggish, sleepy, and a little fluffy. All I really want to do is snuggle, and apparently my dog Gavin shares feels the same, as you will see in the video So what to do when you want to curl up but know you need to move your body around a little? I’ll tell you.

Pick 5-10 of your favorite exercises and tell yourself you will do X number of reps for each exercise. For my this is usually legs. Legs are my fav. Love leg day.

When I’m feeling excited and super motivated about my daily workout I set a timer on my phone (30-45 minutes, including cardio) and just go for it. On days like today when I want to work out as much as Gavin does, this method does not work. I end up sitting there, doing anything but my workout.

Setting a goal of a certain amount of reps on your off days means that the workout is over when you finish the whole thing, not when the timer goes off.

A word of caution: If your rep-goal is too high and you’re already feeling lazy, you may find yourself rushing to finish which absolutely will affect your form. If the choice is injury or fewer reps, do yourself a favor and make the smart choice.

On to it:

Favorite Leg and Bum exercises

I did a few balance exercises in the beginning of this workout, but I almost fell over a few times so they got edited out. I really feel like a lazy day workout should be mostly exercises that are done lying down anyways. 

Single leg circles – Inner and outer thigh, lower abdominals

10x each direction, each side.

Side lying leg lifts – Outer thigh

20x each side

Side leg circles – Inner and outer thigh, bum

10x each direction, each side

Clam shells – Outer thigh and bum

3 variations, 10x each, each side.

These are a few of my favorite staple leg exercises.  Squats are great too because they require basically no coordination and add in a cardio element.


Until next time ❤





Quick Core Workout and Feeling Untraditional

Good Morning Readers!

FINALLY getting back into my groove. OK. That’s not true, as far as fitness goes I’ve been grooving for a couple of months, it’s just been a secret. I’m back and ready to share.

Before we get into the flow, I just have a few notes…Because this blog also functions as my personal diary and really, what’s one more a**hole spilling their guts on the internet. It won’t ruin anyone’s day 🙂

I have and have always had a very untraditional life. It may not look like it from the outside, but both my upbringing and adult life have been..different. I’m pretty self-conscious about it and sometimes it really upsets me. I’m also extremely lucky in many ways, which I remind myself as often as I can, but after all it’s human nature to wallow. So why does it upset me? Because I want traditional things, but also because I fear judgement. I’m embarrassed about my differences, so what am I to do? Suddenly, spontaneously overcome my fear of judgement, or hide the differences of my circumstance and maintain a fake facade for the outside world? Our characters are always judged by our individual circumstances, I guess my goal will have to be accept it and move on



Abs and Core Workout

Please pardon…

The baby

The terrible lighting

The creaky floor

My ridiculous hair

The dog banging the door open, scaring the crap out of me, and standing in front of the camera.

The end of the video where it shows my messy living room and failed attempts at baby-proofing.

Clearly I’m a novice videographer.


Down-dog stretch

Side plank dip & rotation (first side)

Plank Down-ups

Side plank dip & rotation (second side)

Plank rock*

Childs pose*


Teaser with leg and arm variations

Reverse crunch + Leg lifts

Single leg lifts

Double leg lifts

Rolling like a ball


Frequently when I’m working out I don’t keep count. I just go until it burns and guestimate for the other side. YOU WILL NOT GET LOPSIDED. Doing a set number of reps definitely helps if you’re feeling unmotivated/tired. Depending on the exercise, I keep it anywhere from 8-30 reps. Not very helpful I know. Listen to your body and don’t over work yourself, but at the same time make sure you are working. 

Keeping your lower back pressed against the floor/mat is so important in protecting your lower back from injury. I have a hard time with this, as you can see in the video, and I try really hard to focus on it. Keeping your back flat also makes the exercise much harder, so if you struggle with a gapping lower back like me, just lower the reps at first. Don’t make the mistake I did of thinking your lower back is invincible; it isn’t.  

In between exercises I often do a few roll-ups (starting flat on your back and rolling up slowly starting with your head, neck, and shoulders). It serves a a good reset. 


Until next time!


❤ Cammy


A Completely Overwhelming and Selfless Kind of Love

Good morning!

Trying to get back into the swing of writing after surviving the somewhat brutal 4th trimester of pregnancy (aka the first three months at home with a newborn). Let’s see how it goes!

Just a slight disclaimer here before I scare anyone off; No, I am not going to only write about motherhood and babies. Would some part of me like to? YES! And I totally understand why there are so many blogs about motherhood, part of me wants to start one. But not now, and not this blog. 

It’s hard to describe what changes when you have a child. I find that just to say “everything changes” is vague and misleading. First of all, the amount of love and happiness that I feel for my son is remarkable and impossible to describe. Everything takes a backseat. Everything. Friendships change; instantly becoming better friends with other moms, especially new moms like myself, at the same time having a curtain drawn between friendships with those still ‘unburdened’ with children. I try to explain to my single friends exactly how unburdened I am, when children sound like nothing but sacrifice and stress. The truth is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I love seeing stackable cups and bath time books strewn across the floor. I cherish the moments when Bodhi goes down for his nap in the late morning and I putter around his little room picking up stray socks, listening to his sound machine tweeting softly.

The biggest challenge for me was establishing my new identity, finding common ground between who I am to myself and who I am to my baby. My fear of becoming mommy and only mommy was overwhelming because I could not see how Cammy the Mom and Cammy the Pilates Instructor/Writer/Bartender/Jokester/Ditz (yes.), could coexist.

What I have learned over the past couple of months is that the two ‘Me’s’ are not mutually exclusive. There is one Me, and motherhood is not a replacement but a glorious addition.


Little Bear, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you; you are my everything. And you will love me even more for doing some things for myself too because you are your own person as much as I am, as much as we all are. 


Until next time!

❤ Cammy

New Beginnings

Ever find it impossibly hard to return to something you have abandoned for some time? Yes. A world of yes.

For me? A normal eating routine. A fitness regimen. A writing schedule. Personal relaxation and self-care.

These things are often lost in the first few months of parenthood (or so I’ve heard), especially as I adjust to my new role as mommy. However, as I am slowly adjusting to my new life and am able to find time for ME, I find myself lacking the motivation to do any of it. With the exception of my fitness routine, I have barely been able to open my laptop, much less pull up my blogging platform and write something.

Meal time for me results in endless confusion. My mornings tend to go something like this: Do I eat breakfast now or should I try to workout first? I’m hungry again and it’s only been 45 minutes…do I eat again? Push through for another hour or two? And what do I eat?

Writing has been a huge challenge as well. The longer I am away, the harder it is to get back into it. Although, I think this is true with most things.

A routine that took years to hone and adapt to is so foreign to me after just a few short months.

Things that once took small amount of self-coaxing each day to accomplish (writing, blogging, etc.) now seem impossible to even consider.

I consider myself extremely lucky that fitness does not fall into this category! I have missed fitness so much, finally I am injury free *knocks on wood* and able to start building up my strength again. I never had to coax myself into a workout, it just makes me feel so good sometimes I have to remind myself to take a break.

I am completely able to understand how so many find it hard to rebuild a fitness habit after even a brief hiatus (i.e. pregnancy, injury, general life). The habit gets lost so quickly, and starting again is extremely intimidating.

“Why bother? I’m probably no good and never was anyways.” This is a thought I have about other aspects of my routine, now that I am trying to find motivation to begin again.

Self-doubt can be overwhelming when you are face-to-face with starting afresh.

So how do we overcome?

What are some ways you have found the strength to begin again?

My solutions

Don’t overthink it!

Getting started is the hardest part, so don’t get in your own head and stress yourself out. Want to start working out again? Don’t even change your clothes, just start doing squats wherever you are. My prediction; after 10 squats you’ll be so motivated to work out, you’ll change, turn on your playlist and go crazy. If I’m wrong, 10 squats is still better than no squats, so it’s a win win.

Keep. It. Short.

We get nervous when we’re about to embark on something seriously time-consuming. It’s way bigger of a commitment, and big commitments are hard. Telling myself I’m going to write a 10-page, perfectly edited, intelligent, sourced, successful blog post is just a disaster waiting to happen. Not only will I get stressed out about the time and effort it will take, I begin doubting my ability to accomplish it at all! Telling myself I’m going to write a few short sentences about my breakfast, much easier. More often than not it will turn into much more! (This post is proof, by the way).

Ten squats too much? Screw it, Three. One! If telling yourself, “I’m going to get off the couch and do one squat,” actually gets you off the couch, you deserve a pat.

Don’t compare yourself.

Easier said than done, right? How often have I given up before I even started because I decided I will never be as good or as successful as some of the ‘greats’?

Try to remind yourself that that’s not the point. What you are doing is for you. There will always be someone ahead, and someone behind.

Until next time,


❤ Cammy


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