A bit about me..

Welcome to my blog! A blog about learning, teaching, growing, and cultivating a lifestyle all based on my Passion for Pilates. I am a young woman in my 20’s learning everything I can about the Wide World of Pilates. I am a professional bartender (professional here taking the meaning of ‘it pays my student loans’) who loves art, decor, amazing smells, the summertime, tasty food, her family and her boyfriend, OH and Pilates. The goal of this blog is to share lessons I have learned in my path to becoming a pilates instructor. Pilates is ever changing, so there will always be new lessons to learn and share.

In the beginning (way, way back to a time long forgotten) about 7 years ago, I was a college student watching online pilates tutorials and working out in my 250 Sq. ft studio apartment. Vlog after vlog after blog after Pinterest post after…wait maybe I should do this too? And so commenced my training in the Balanced Body Pilates school of training in Boston, Ma.

Filling the roles of both Master and Novice, nothing I present is necessarily fact, but lessons I have taken to heart, learned from, and now wish to pass on so others may learn too.

End disclaimer.

We (me, myself, and I) begin this blogging journey with much apprehension and excitement. I hope you enjoy…

Something more…

There are a few people to whom I must offer a thank you.

Firstly my mother for giving me motivation to constantly better myself. After retiring from a life of masters degrees, workshopping, teaching english in foreign countries, workshopping and creating online learning platforms she decided that this simply was not enough and went on to become certified as a yoga instructor and subsequently opened her own studio, which is flourishing.

I don’t know where I would be without my sister who taught me that being different was the best possible thing you could ever be. And also, what’s life without a little risk? More so, what is a life that isn’t almost 100% risk. From her I have learned that being young and a little self conscious and confused are good. No one wants to listen to someone with whom they share nothing with.

I thank my Father from whom I have learned to appreciate the little things, the good things, the bad things, and the worse things.

And lastly, my boyfriend who gave me the confidence to start this blog and, you know, believe in myself…or whatever.