Quarantined, but I still have a nice ass (30 minute BOOTY FOCUS pilates flow)

Another day gone and the relative number of fucks I give grows dangerously low. I wonder if I will be left with anything resembling a filter at the end of all this?

Nothing we can do for now, except try to stay positive and ignore the stress, desperation and fear that is circumnavigating the general public. I am doing my best to ignore these negative states of mind, however it has become difficult as they are beginning to have physical manifestations including:

  • eczema of the scalp
  • hair loss
  • acne
  • tooth pain and sensitivity (from overnight grinding of the teeth)

The behavioral manifestations are not much better, as they include:

  • unstable mood/abrupt and random bursts of sobbing
  • an overwhelming to begin drinking in the shower at 2/3pm each day
  • bouts of sitting in silence contemplating the universe and the meaning of life, if there even is one.

I am not dramatic. 

BUT I AM NOT HERE TO GET YOU DOWN! I’m here to tell you that even though things are a little tough right now, you can still have a nice booty.

Which is why I am inviting you to follow along with my…

30 minute Booty Focus Pilates Flow!


Follow along with the graphic I created on your own time, and read the break down of exercises below.

30 Minute Pilates Flow: Booty


  • Squat X 10
  • Squat + side leg lift X 10
  • Rotating squat X 10 
    • Squat front, pivot both feet 90 degrees to the right and lunge squat, pivot 90 degrees back to center, squat, pivot feet 90 degrees in other direction, squat front. That is one rep.


  • Roll-up – X 12
    • Lying flat on your back, legs extended out in front, arms reach over head, tuck chin to chest, engage core and slowly roll up with control, reach over legs, sit up tall, tuck tail and roll back down with control.
  • Double leg stretch – X 12
    • Lying on your back, bring legs to table top curl head neck and shoulders up, hug both knees into check, straighten both legs away as arms reach overhead, circle arms around and hug knees in, repeat.
  • Double Straight-leg Stretch – X 12
    • Keeping back flat on mat (shoulders lifted or flat), extend both legs up to the sky, lower them down and lift back up keeping legs straight.
  • Single Straight-Leg Stretch – X 12 each leg
    • Bring legs to table top curl head neck and shoulders up, hug one knee in with both hands as the other leg straightens long away from you, switch.
  • Criss-Cross – X 12 each side
    • Bring legs to table top curl head neck and shoulders up, cradle back of head with hands, elbows wide. Send one leg straight away as you rotate opposite shoulder towards bent knee. Switch + repeat

All-fours (each side)

  • Rear leg lift – X 20
    • From all fours, extend one leg out pointing the toe, lift it up to the sky, resist back down.
  • Mini pulses + mini circles – X 20
    • From all fours, leg straight parallel with torso, flex the foot and pulse up for 20. Point the toe and draw mini circles X 20 in each direction.
  • Fire Hydrant – X 10
    • From all fours, keeping knee bent, open one knee out to the side (like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant) and squeeze back to close.
  • Fire hydrant + kick – X 10, pulses – X 10
    • Open knee to the side, kick the foot out perpendicular to torso, bring foot back in and lower down. For pulses, keep leg extended to the side and pulse whole leg up.

Side Lying (each side)

  • Toe-tap leg-lift – X 20 alt.
    • Parallel legs, lift top leg up, tap toe in front of other foot, lift up and lower to tap behind.
  • Can-Can legs – X 10 each direction
    • legs stacked, bend top knee up towards sky, extend foot up, lower straight leg down, repeat. Reverse direction and repeat.
  • Clam shell + elevated clam shell – X 10 each
    • Knees bent at 90 degrees perpendicular to torso, keeping feet stacked, lift top knee squeezing glutes, squeeze knees back together. Elevate feet and repeat with feet stacked and lifted.
  • Clam shell + kick – X 10
    • Repeat clam shell, when knees are open, kick top foot towards the sky, bend knee and close knees.

Plank Series

  • Plank hold –  30 sec
  • Plank hold + leg lift – X 8 alternating
    • From plank, keep foot flexed and leg straight, lift leg up, toward sky, repeat other leg.
  • Plank hold + side step – X 8 alternating
    • From plank, step one leg out to side, step back in, repeat with other leg.


Watch the full video here!!! –>


Stay strong, friends!

❤ Cammy



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